Soccer jerseys from china, Cheap professional 2014 soccer jerseys wholesale
Friday, May 16, 2014

Soccer jerseys from china, Cheap professional 2014 soccer jerseys wholesale

AC Milan midfield genius sale to raise money to buy a batch of people coming captain opening Seedorf. AC Milan, the current economic crisis, how much? Perhaps a look at Chris Tante able to understand the situation. After Montolivo injured Chris Tante was originally thought to be the captain of the Italian media substitute candidate can be promoted to the main lineup, however, due to economic problems, AC Milan had to sell soccer jerseys wholesale Chris Tante, only to change his under 5 million to buy back defender Pascal Lamy.

"The market" analysis, said: "AC Milan will indeed Chris Tante Montolivo as a substitute, but Benfica still been working hard among them to raise prices and put pressure on." Prior to the news that Benfica offer is 3 million transfer fee plus a variable, but Sky Sports later confirmed to be prepared to raise its offer scrap card, a fee will be increased to five million euros plus a variable fee. Thus, AC Milan had shaken willing to evaluate this offer.

Cheap soccer jerseys "will sacrifice Chris Tante, so there is enough money to sign a Lamy." "Italian football" and other media, according to Sky Sports News analysis of the current Hong Heijun strategy, this media that sell After Chris Tante, AC Milan could get at least 5 million euros immediately, so you can be relatively easy to come up with 7,000,000 direct permanent bought from Valencia Lamy up. "Although the 19-year-old Chris Tante San Siro is one of the most shining genius, but we think he will go to Portugal next effect." "Italian football" predicted. Chris Tante relative, who had been placed in the Italian media that has been in the transfer market, Technip Leo will have good luck and more, because he was seen as a future Inzaghi candidates will be captain, so Technip Leo will not be sold. Technip is currently preparing for the national team Leo also talked about the change of the coach's problem, "Inzaghi very passionate, he is committed to a new football kicked."

But relative to Inzaghi, Seedorf Technip Leo evaluation is not so high, he bluntly Seedorf cheap soccer jerseys wholesale communicate with the players is not enough, "Seedorf was supposed to listen to our opinions, so will be able to set up a better bridge in the dressing room. "But Technip Leo also talked about the team's own problems," Of course, we're on the pitch should have done better, whether Allegri Seedorf era or age. poor relations Seedorf and some players, this is true."